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PetNAD Leptospirosis (lipL32) Detection Kit POCKIT

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Leptospirosis, an emerging infectious disease in humans, dogs and cats, is a worldwide zoonotic disease caused by infection with the motier spirochetal bacterium of the genus, Leptospira (Bharit et al., 2003). There are over 250 pathogenic serovars based on difference in the carbohydrate component of the bacterial lipopolysaccharide (Levett, 2001; Ko, Goarant, Picardeau, 2009). Different serovars are adapted to different wild or domestic animal reservoir hosts. 

Leptospirosis is an infection of bacterial spirochetes, which cats acquire when subspecies of the Leptospira interrogans penetrate the skin and spread through the body by way of the bloodstream.Young cats with less developed immune systems are at heightened risk for severe complications, as well as cats with already compromised immune systems.

The PetNADTM Leptospirosis (lipL32) Detection Kit, which applies iiPCR (insulated isothermal PCR), is a newly developed nucleic acid diagnostic product. With the compatible instrument--POCKITTM, the Nucleic Acid Analyzer, Leptospirosis PCR detection can be done within 1 hour! This system is compact, fast and easy; it is perfectly suitable for small animal diseases detection for veterinary clinics use.


  • Easy-to-use: Reagents in lypholized format for long term stability
  • Short turn around time: Results in 1 hour (5 mins reagents preparation)
  • Unit dose : avoid possible cross-contamination
  • High sensitivity and specificity for Leptospirosis detection


  • 24 tests/ kit
  • Sensitivity: up to 10 copies/test
  • Reaction time : within 1 hour
  • Store in 4°C